Yesterday, my boyfriend (Liam, the even moodier foodie) and I went out for lunch to a local restaurant that we hadn’t tried before. I won’t give too much away as I’m hoping to write a full post on our experience a little later. Over lunch, and a glass of bubbles, we were chatting about how I would be spending my time at home resting following minor surgery last week. Surprisingly enough, he did’t jump to “how about the dishes? or the hoovering?”, instead, his mind didn’t strayย far from what we were doing there and then. “Why don’t you start a food blog?”.

He went on selling the idea, although I didn’t need much convincing, we eat out a lot, and when we’re not trying out the newest gin den, or tapas bar, I’m raiding recipe books searching for inspiration in my own cooking. Not only am I passionate about experimenting with menus and trying out new restaurants, but I also love wine! Come on, who doesn’t? We all have our favourites and ones that make us wonder why its not accompanied with chips it so foul, but I’m keen to try winesI’ve not heard of before, and those from newly established vineyards.

What better way to share my experiences with all of you lovely people of the web and hopefully some of what I shareย will help you venture out there and try some new things. Whether itsย deciding on the best place to find a steak cooked to perfection, or knowingย where you can buy the most amazing bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon, or even stumbling across a hidden gin bar serving up the worlds finest, to which you’ve heard wonderful things about. Here goes…

MF x


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